Your sustainable coffee store

With more than eight years of coffee roasting behind us, we’ve learnt a thing or two about producing amazing coffee.

Now, the fruit of our labour is ready to be delivered right to your door.
Whether it’s drawing out those rich, creamy chocolate notes or deciphering the dark, caramelised sugars, our Chief Coffee Scientist continues to blow minds with his approach that is equal parts art, skill and science.

That’s Kofè Coffee


The Kofè Difference

  • The Farmers

    We employ the strictest standards when selecting suppliers. We only work with suppliers who pay farmers more than market value, at a rate above their local living wage. This takes care of the people who grow our coffee, as well as helping to future-proof the coffee trade. No farmers, no coffee.

  • The Environment

    We believe in sustainable industry. This is why we tested several packaging options before selecting our compostable coffee bags. When it comes to working with our valued wholesale clients, wherever possible we deliver our beans in reusable, returnable food-grade drums. No planet, no coffee.

  • Customer Service

    Our commitment to our partners, whether retail or wholesale, runs far beyond just supplying the best beans. You become part of our family and we work with you to help grow your business. For our retail customers, we aim to become the one place you go to for the best beans and brew. No you, no Kofè.